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Our expertise in mining places us at the forefront of the industry. We are readily available with an international service. Mining and minerals sector services from Union Supplies Limited: Delivering competitive advantage for you. In a world of globalization, technology advancement, increasing regulation and fluctuating markets, exploration and mining face more complex challenges than ever before. To help you meet these challenges, Union Supplies Limited offers an extensive range of services that covers exploration, plant design and engineering, production, industrial applications and decommissioning and closure. As your strategic partner, we provide testing, technology, trade services and consulting to help deliver more growth and lean efficiencies, improve your speed to market and reduce risk. Our industry experts can help you make the most of market developments and advances in technology, enabling you to maximize opportunities and stay ahead of your competitors. The company is driven by the vision of becoming a leader in the mining industry through the exploration and marketing of the rich and diverse mineral resources available locally while creating value for our partners and the host communities we operate in.

With the enactment of the Minerals & Mining Act 2007, opportunities in the Nigerian solid mineral sector were open to willing investors to explore its abundant mineral resources. The Act provides an enabling environment for private commercial investment in the mining industry which was previously dominated by the government. Union Supplies Limited was established to take advantage of this new business friendly climate and position itself to become a leading player in the sector. Its major area of operations, Adamawa State in North-Eastern area of Nigeria, is richly endowed with abundant mineral resources and has a very business friendly government that provides support to private investors. Union Supplies Limited has made investments in acquiring Mining sites that are covered with licenses granted by the Federal Ministry of Mines & Steel Development. It has in place strategies that will guarantee a rate of return on investment higher than what obtains in other similar countries. With the industry in its early stages of development and an anticipated high growth rate, the company is pursuing a plan to become a fully integrated mining corporation that is involved in the whole value chain of the mining business; exploration, production, processing, marketing and sales of solid minerals commodities to the local market and for export. It is also looking to expand into mining opportunities in Central Africa.